About Puma's

The Club was started in 1985 by a group of enthusiastic parents.  With no Clubhouse, no fields and no jerseys, the Pumas used the local show grounds as their home grounds and played in Tee Shirts with the logo of a reclining puma in blue and white boldly printed on their shirts.  The Club’s name and colours came about when the Pumas were playing in Brisbane as part of the World Cup in 1987 and of all the touring teams was the only one to accept our offer of using the fields for training.  The then Committee decided to use their name and colours.


The original Committee Members included President – Peter McBarron; Publicity Officer – Terry O’Connor; Secretary – Peter Hovey; Treasurer – Peter Lewis; Michael O’Connor, Peter Bigg, Peter McGinn and Tony Leeds.


The Pumas have two fields at the Les Hughes Sports Complex, which were originally leased from the Pine Rivers Shire Council in January 1987.  The building of the Clubhouse commenced in October 1989 and was completed in 1990 as funds became available.  This project was undertaken by a group of enthusiastic parents led by Maurie Saccu, Peter McGinn and Keith Walton plus many “hands-on” volunteers.


In 1992 the Club installed the first of the field lights, in 1995 the Number 1 field was irrigated by Aussie Water Gear and the scoreboard was erected.  At the AGM in November 1988 the Club changed its name from the Pine Rivers Pumas Rugby Union Club Inc to the Pine Rivers Pumas Junior Rugby Union Club Inc and thereafter to field teams in the Brisbane Junior Rugby Union competition exclusively.


Field 2 was re-capped in the 2001 off season thanks to the Pine Rivers Shire Council.  Field 1 was re-capped in the 2004/2005 off season again thanks to the Pine Rivers Shire Council.  In 2004 the Mark Willis shed was erected, together with installation of two new light towers, and new amenities.


In 2006 we saw field barrier posts installed around both fields, Security Grills on Clubhouse, cement apron around the shed and Shade structures installed between fields.  In 2007/2008 we received funding for and purchased grand stand seating on the hill and also portable shade structures.  In 2009 terracing was added to the front of the clubhouse.  In 2010 we received a new tractor and slasher, were awarded a grant to purchase a new PA system, electronic scoreboard plus a defibrillator and oxy viva resuscitator for the medical room.


In 2011 we received grants to install solar panels on the clubhouse roof and to purchase a new mower as a replacement for the slasher.  Also in 2011, thanks to the Moreton Bay Regional Council and a grant from the Federal Government, Field 2 now has two more light towers installed, bringing it up to night game standard.

Pumas Rugby

Pine Rivers Pumas

Ground Location: Les Hughes Sports Complex, Baker Street, Bray Park, QLD 4500


Club Phone: (07) 3889 7574